Lincoln Aviator 2020-2022 Service Manual / Electrical / Electrical Distribution / Module Communications Network / Description and Operation - Communications Network - Overview

Lincoln Aviator: Module Communications Network / Description and Operation - Communications Network - Overview


Multiplexing is a method of sending 2 or more signals simultaneously over a single circuit. Multiplexing allows 2 or more electronic modules (nodes) to communicate over a twisted wire pair [data (+) and data (-)] network. The information or messages that can be communicated on these wires consists of commands, status or data. Multiplexing reduces the weight of the vehicle by reducing the number of redundant components and electrical wiring.

The vehicle has 2 module communication networks connected to the remote DLC, located under the instrument panel. The communication networks are:

  • DIAG 1
  • DIAG 2

The vehicle has 5 communication networks that do not communicate directly with the diagnostic scan tool. The GWM translates the messages on these 5 networks and transfers the signals to the DIAG 1 and DIAG 2 circuits at the remote DLC. Messages communicated on the HS-CAN1 are communicated to the DIAG 1 connection, all other networks are translated to the DIAG 2 connection at the remote DLC. The communication networks are:

  • HS-CAN1
  • HS-CAN2
  • HS-CAN3
  • HS-CAN4
  • MS-CAN

    Module Communications Network


    Module Communications Network


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