Lincoln Aviator: Transmission Cooling - 10-Speed Automatic Transmission – 10R80 MHT / Removal and Installation - Transmission Fluid Cooler Tubes

Special Tool(s) / General Equipment

Disconnect Tool TOC Line (1/2)


  1. With the vehicle in N, position it on a hoist.
    Refer to: Jacking and Lifting (100-02 Jacking and Lifting, Description and Operation).
  1. Remove the transmission fluid cooler tube secondary latches.
  1. Using the special tool, disconnect the transmission fluid cooler tubes from the transmission fluid cooler.
    Use Special Service Tool: 307-569  Disconnect Tool TOC Line (1/2).
  1. NOTE: Discard the top cooler tube bolt.

    Remove the bolts and the transmission fluid cooler tubes.
  1. Inspect the transmission to be sure the transmission fluid tube seals and backing rings were removed with the transmission fluid tubes and are not stuck in the transmission. If the transmission fluid tube seals and backing rings are stuck in the transmission, remove the seals and backing rings.


  1. Inspect and lubricate the band seals and backing rings. Install new band seals and backing rings if necessary.
    1. Seal (7D285).
    1. Backing ring (7J324).
  1. NOTE: Install a new top cooler tube bolt.

    Install the transmission fluid cooler tubes and the bolts.
    Torque: 177 (20 Nm)
  1. Connect the transmission fluid cooler tubes to the transmission fluid cooler.
  1. Install the transmission fluid cooler tube secondary latches.
  1. Check the transmission fluid level and adjust as necessary.
    Refer to: Transmission Fluid Level Check (307-01B Automatic Transmission - 10-Speed Automatic Transmission – 10R80 MHT, General Procedures).

    Removal and Installation - Transmission Fluid Cooler

    Special Tool(s) / General Equipment 307-569Disconnect Tool TOC Line (1/2)TKIT-2006U-F/FMTKIT-2006U-FLM/LMTKIT-2006U-ROW1TKIT-2006U-ROW2 Removal NOTE: Removal steps in this procedure may contain installation details...

    Automatic Transmission External Controls - 10-Speed Automatic Transmission – 10R60


    Other information:

    Lincoln Aviator 2020-2023 Service Manual: Removal and Installation - Rear Thermostatic Expansion Valve

    Removal NOTICE: During the removal or installation of components, cap, tape or otherwise appropriately protect all openings and tubes/fittings to prevent the ingress of dirt or other contamination. Remove caps, tape and other protective materials prior to installation...

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    Child Safety Locks

    When the child safety locks are set, you cannot open the rear doors from the inside.

    Lincoln Aviator. Child Safety Locks

    The child safety lock control is on the driver door.

    Press the control to switch the child safety locks on. Press the control again to switch them off. A light on the child safety control illuminates when you switch them on.

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