Lincoln Aviator: SYNC™ 3 Troubleshooting / Voice Recognition

Lincoln Aviator. Voice Recognition

Lincoln Aviator. Voice Recognition

Lincoln Aviator. Voice Recognition

    SYNC™ 3 Troubleshooting


    USB and Bluetooth Audio


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    Lincoln Aviator 2020-2024 Owners Manual: Air Suspension

    WARNING: If your vehicle has self-leveling air suspension, you must switch the system off before carrying out any maintenance or repair. Failure to follow this warning could result in serious personal injury or death. The air suspension system automatically adjusts to maintain a constant frame height, allows for ease of vehicle loading, provides improved vehicle ride, and increased driver comfort...

    Lincoln Aviator 2020-2024 Service Manual: Removal and Installation - Transmission Fluid Cooler Tubes

    Special Tool(s) / General Equipment 307-569Disconnect Tool TOC Line (1/2)TKIT-2006U-F/FMTKIT-2006U-FLM/LMTKIT-2006U-ROW1TKIT-2006U-ROW2 Removal With the vehicle in N, position it on a hoist. Refer to: Jacking and Lifting (100-02 Jacking and Lifting, Description and Operation)...


    Child Safety Locks

    When the child safety locks are set, you cannot open the rear doors from the inside.

    Lincoln Aviator. Child Safety Locks

    The child safety lock control is on the driver door.

    Press the control to switch the child safety locks on. Press the control again to switch them off. A light on the child safety control illuminates when you switch them on.

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