Lincoln Aviator: Head Up Display (If Equipped) / Head Up Display Overview

Lincoln Aviator. Head Up Display Overview

  1. Signaling and Traffic Indication.
  2. Navigation Display Area.
  3. ADAS Display Area.
  4. System Message Display Area.
  5. ADAS Message Display Area.
  6. Status Bar.
  7. Speed Limit Display Area.
  8. Speedometer Display Area.

Signaling and Traffic Indication

Displays direction indicators and blind spot information (if direction indicators are active).

Navigation Display Area

Displays navigation next turn instructions.

ADAS Display Area

Displays Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), Lane centering aid and lane keeping system status and warnings.

System Message Display Area

Displays system messages and notifications including an incoming phone call.

ADAS Message Display Area

Displays ADAS messages and image adjustment prompts.

Status Bar

Displays Distance To Empty (DTE), time and outside air temperature. Next to DTE, the fuel gauge fill color changes to yellow in low fuel conditions. You can switch off the status bar in the HUD settings menu.

Note: For Hybrid vehicles, the status bar also displays your EV Range.

Speed Limit Display Area

Displays your speed limit information (if available in the map database or detected by the camera).

Speedometer Display Area

Displays your current vehicle speed and your transmission gear selection.

    Configuring The Head Up Display

    You can control the system's options through the information display by using the 4-way toggle on the right-hand side of your steering wheel. You can adjust the display according to your height to make viewing the content easier...

    Maintaining Your Head Up Display

    Do not place objects onto the transparent cover, as they may block you from seeing portions of the image. These objects could also damage the cover and affect the quality of the projected image...

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    Note: Make sure that you are sitting in the correct position.

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