Lincoln Aviator: General Information / Hybrid Display Information

Displays unique hybrid vehicle information when you shut off your vehicle or come to a stop.

Brake Coach

The Brake Coach appears after the vehicle has come to a stop. It coaches you to brake in a manner that maximizes the amount of energy returned through the regenerative braking system.

The percent displayed is an indication of the regenerative braking efficiency with 100% representing the maximum amount of energy recovery. Brake Coach can be turned on or off in the settings menu.

Trip Summary

Displays upon shutting off your vehicle. The values are cumulative since you last started your vehicle. The information shown is the same as the This Trip on demand screen.

Vehicle Charging Status

Displays when you shut off your vehicle and when you turn on your vehicle while plugged in. Charging status includes the charge start or charge end time as appropriate. You can modify your vehicles charge settings through the touchscreen.

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    Other information:

    Lincoln Aviator 2020-2023 Owners Manual: When Inflating Your Tires

    WARNING: Do not use the tire pressure displayed in the information display as a tire pressure gauge. Failure to follow this instruction could result in personal injury or death. When putting air into your tires (such as at a gas station or in your garage), the tire pressure monitoring system may not respond immediately to the air added to your tires...

    Lincoln Aviator 2020-2023 Service Manual: Removal and Installation - Rear Gate Trunk Module (RGTM)

    Special Tool(s) / General Equipment Interior Trim Remover Removal NOTE: Removal steps in this procedure may contain installation details. NOTE: This step is only necessary when installing a new component. NOTE: The PMI process must begin with the current RGTM installed...


    Locking and Unlocking the Doors from Inside

    Lincoln Aviator. Locking and Unlocking the Doors from Inside

    Unlock. Lock.

    Locking the Doors

    Press the lock switch on the door interior trim panel. The doors can no longer be released using the exterior door handle switches and the luggage compartment locks.

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