Lincoln Aviator: Introduction / Perchlorate

Certain components in your vehicle such as airbag modules, seatbelt pretensioners and remote control batteries may contain perchlorate material. Special handling may apply for service or vehicle end of life disposal.

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    Lincoln Aviator 2020-2022 Service Manual: Description and Operation - Rear View Mirrors - Overview

    Overview Exterior, Power This vehicle is equipped with LH and RH power mirrors. The power mirror system allows the exterior mirror glass to be positioned electronically. Exterior, Heated This vehicle may be equipped with LH and RH heated mirror glass and with a LH and RH heated spotter glass...

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    Activating Intelligent Access

    The intelligent access key must be within 3 ft (1 m) of the door or luggage compartment you intend to lock or unlock.

    At a Door

    Electronic door handles are on each door. Gently depress the switch inside the exterior door handle to unlock and open the door. An unlock symbol illuminates on the door window trim indicating your vehicle is unlocked.

    Lincoln Aviator. Activating Intelligent Access

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