Lincoln Aviator: Maintenance / Under Hood Overview

Lincoln Aviator. Under Hood Overview

  1. Battery.
  2. Engine oil filler cap.
  3. Engine oil dipstick.
  4. Brake fluid reservoir.
  5. Engine compartment fuse box.
  6. Engine coolant reservoir.
  7. Air filter assembly.
  8. Washer fluid reservoir.

Opening and Closing the Hood

Opening the Hood Open the left-hand front door. Fully pull the hood release lever and let it completely retract.Note: This action releases the hood latch...



Other information:

Lincoln Aviator 2020-2022 Service Manual: Removal and Installation - Roof Reinforcement

Special Tool(s) / General Equipment Resistance Spotwelding Equipment Spot Weld Drill Bit Locking Pliers Removal NOTE: Vehicles equipped with a roof opening panel will use the rear most reinforcement only.   WARNING: Before beginning any service procedure in this manual, refer to health and safety warnings in section 100-00 General Information...

Lincoln Aviator 2020-2022 Owners Manual: Child Seats

Use a child restraint (sometimes called an infant carrier, convertible seat, or toddler seat) for infants, toddlers and children weighing 40 lb (18 kg) or less (generally four-years-old or younger). Using Lap and Shoulder Belts WARNING: Do not place a rearward facing child restraint in front of an active airbag...


Locking and Unlocking the Doors from Inside

Lincoln Aviator. Locking and Unlocking the Doors from Inside

Unlock. Lock.

Locking the Doors

Press the lock switch on the door interior trim panel. The doors can no longer be released using the exterior door handle switches and the luggage compartment locks.

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