Lincoln Aviator 2020-2023 Owners Manual / Lighting / Ambient Lighting (If equipped)

Lincoln Aviator: Lighting / Ambient Lighting (If equipped)

Use the touchscreen to select the following:

Lincoln Aviator. Ambient Lighting (If equipped) Select the settings option on the feature bar.

Lincoln Aviator. Ambient Lighting (If equipped) Select ambient lighting.

Lincoln Aviator. Ambient Lighting (If equipped)

Switching Ambient Lighting On

Touch a color once.

Changing the Color

Touch any color once.

Adjusting the Brightness

Drag the selected color up or down.

Switching Ambient Lighting Off

Touch the selected color once or drag the selected color down to zero brightness.

    Rear Interior Lamps

    The rear interior lamps may be above the rear seat or above the rear windows. Press to switch the lamps on or off. Note: If the rear lamps are switched on through the overhead console, you cannot switch them off with the rear lamp switch...

    Automatic High Beam Control

    What Is Automatic High Beam Control The system turns on high beams if it is dark enough and no other traffic is present. If it detects an approaching vehicle’s headlamps or tail lamps, or street lighting ahead, the system turns the high beams off...

    Other information:

    Lincoln Aviator 2020-2023 Owners Manual: Front Parking Aid

    WARNING: The system may not detect objects with surfaces that absorb reflection. Always drive with due care and attention. Failure to take care may result in a crash. WARNING: The system may not detect small or moving objects, particularly those close to the ground...

    Lincoln Aviator 2020-2023 Service Manual: Removal and Installation - Rear Lamp Assembly

    Removal NOTE: Removal steps in this procedure may contain installation details. NOTE: LH lamp assembly shown, RH lamp assembly is similar. Remove the rear bumper cover. Refer to: Rear Bumper Cover (501-19 Bumpers, Removal and Installation)...


    Children and Airbags

    WARNING: Airbags can kill or injure a child in a child restraint. Never place a rear-facing child restraint in front of an active airbag. If you must use a forward-facing child restraint in the front seat, move the seat upon which the child restraint is installed all the way back.

    Lincoln Aviator. Children and Airbags

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