Lincoln Aviator 2020-2023 Service Manual / Chassis / Suspension / Front Suspension - AWD / Description and Operation - Front Suspension - Overview

Lincoln Aviator: Front Suspension - AWD / Description and Operation - Front Suspension - Overview


The AWD front suspension consists of the following components:

  • Front and rear lower arms
  • Rear lower arm ball joints
  • Stabilizer bar, bushings and links
  • Ride height sensors (Vehicles with Continuously Controlled Damping (CCD) Suspension)
  • Passive or dynamically controlled shock absorber and spring assembly (Continuously Controlled Damping (CCD))
  • Upper control arms
  • Wheel bearings and wheel hubs
  • Wheel knuckles
  • Wheel studs

The front suspension uses a double ball joint short long arm suspension system. This independent-type suspension incorporates a coil over shock assembly. The shock and spring assembly carries the sprung weight of the vehicle. This system uses the front upper control arm for the upper (unloaded) pivot point of the steering knuckle or spindle, and the front and rear lower control arms for the lower (loaded) pivot points.

The wheel hub and wheel bearing are sealed units and are serviced as assemblies. The rear lower ball joint is integrated into the front wheel knuckle and is serviced as part of that wheel knuckle assembly, also the front lower ball joint is integrated into the front lower arm and is serviced as part of that assembly.

The vehicle has available Continuously Controlled Damping (CCD) Suspension. The semi-active suspension damping provides improved handling, comfort and stability by continuously adjusting the adaptive shock absorber force to the current road and driving conditions. Sensors constantly monitor the vehicle’s suspension motion, body movement, steering and braking.

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    Front Suspension - AWD


    Removal and Installation - Front Lower Arm

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    Emergency Locking

    Each door has a backup power system which allows the door to function if your vehicle has no power. The system has a limited number of operations before the power is depleted and turns off. When the system turns off, the door remains open and unlatched and does not close.

    If your vehicle has no power and the backup power system is turned off, you can close and secure your vehicle by manually resetting each door latch using a key in the position shown.

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