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Lincoln Aviator: Roof Opening Panel / Description and Operation - Roof Opening Panel - Overview

Roof Opening Panel

The roof opening panel consists of the following:

  • Air deflector
  • Sliding glass panel
  • Sliding glass panel motor
  • Shield assembly
  • Shield motor
  • Roof opening panel fixed glass
  • Roof opening panel frame assembly
  • Roof opening panel drain hoses
  • Roof opening panel control switch
  • Roof opening panel seal

The roof opening panel motor must be initialized when repairs are carried out on the roof opening panel system, including: any time the roof opening panel motor has been removed, the roof opening panel glass (sliding or fixed glass) has been removed or adjusted, or if the roof opening panel frame has been removed.
For additional information, refer to: Power Roof Opening Panel Initialization (501-17 Roof Opening Panel, General Procedures).

The accessory delay relay, located in the BCM, that provides voltage for the operation of the power windows and the roof opening panel.
For additional information, refer to: Glass, Frames and Mechanisms - System Operation and Component Description (501-11 Glass, Frames and Mechanisms, Description and Operation).

The roof opening panel is an electronically operated glass panel that can be opened, closed or tilted (vent position) by the roof opening panel control switch, the shield switch, and the vent switch. Actuating the switches supplies a signal to the roof opening panel glass and shield motor/module. The front sliding glass panel and the shield use two integrated motors/modules that are serviced as assemblies. The roof opening panel and shield has one-touch open and one-touch close features that are activated when the switch is pressed and immediately released (less than 0.5 seconds) on the open or close side of the switch. For manual control holding the switch depressed for more than 0.5 seconds will cancel one-touch operation and the sliding glass panel or shield will stop when the switch is released.

Additionally there is a roof opening panel fixed glass panel behind the sliding glass panel. The roof opening panel fixed glass is attached with 4 screws and can be aligned.


      Specifications Item Specification Rear fixed glass panel to roof flushness, side (at front of glass) 0 ± 0...

    Description and Operation - Roof Opening Panel - System Operation and Component Description

    System Operation Roof Opening Panel Operating System The accessory delay relay in the BCM supplies voltage through fuse F2 (10A) to the roof opening panel sliding glass motor and roof opening panel shield motor allowing the motors to respond to roof opening panel control switch commands...

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