Lincoln Aviator: Speed Sign Recognition (If Equipped) / Using Speed Sign Recognition

Setting the System Speed Warning

You can set the system speed warning to alert you when the vehicle speed exceeds the speed limit recognized by the system by a certain speed tolerance.

Note: The system remembers the last setting when you start your vehicle.

System Display

Lincoln Aviator. Using Speed Sign Recognition

When the system detects a speed limit sign, the speed limit appears in the information display.

Note: If your vehicle has a navigation system, stored speed sign data could influence the indicated speed limit value.

To switch the system speed warning on or off, adjust the speed warning settings use the touchscreen:

  1. Select Settings.
  2. Select Driver Assistance.
  3. Select Tolerance.
  4. Use + and - to set the tolerance.

Information Messages

Lincoln Aviator. Using Speed Sign Recognition

    Principle of Operation

    WARNING: You are responsible for controlling your vehicle at all times. The system is designed to be an aid and does not relieve you of your responsibility to drive with due care and attention...


    Electric Power Steering WARNING: The electric power steering system has diagnostic checks that continuously monitor the system. If a fault is detected, a message displays in the information display...

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