Lincoln Aviator: Hill Descent Control / What Is Hill Descent Control

WARNING: Hill descent control cannot control descent in all surface conditions and circumstances, such as ice or extremely steep grades. Hill descent control is a driver assist system and cannot substitute for good judgment by the driver. Failure to do so may result in loss of vehicle control, crash or serious injury.

WARNING: The system does not replace the parking brake. When you leave your vehicle, always apply the parking brake and shift the transmission into park (P) for automatic transmission or first gear for manual transmission.

Note: The system does not function below 3 mph (5 km/h).

Hill descent control allows the driver to set and maintain vehicle speed while descending steep slopes in various surface conditions.

The system can maintain vehicle speeds on downhill slopes between 3–20 mph (5–32 km/h). Above 20 mph (32 km/h), the system remains on but the descent speed cannot be set or maintained.

The system requires a cool down interval after a period of sustained use. The amount of time that the system can remain active before cooling varies with conditions. The system provides a warning in the message center and a tone sounds when the system is about to disengage for cooling. At this time, manually apply the brakes as needed to maintain descent speed.

    Hill Descent Control


    Switching Hill Descent Control On and Off. Setting the Hill Descent Speed

    Switching Hill Descent Control On and Off You can switch the hill descent control on and off through the touchscreen. Setting the Hill Descent Speed WARNING: The system does not replace the parking brake...

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