Lincoln Aviator: Windows and Mirrors / Exterior Mirrors

Power Exterior Mirrors

WARNING: Do not adjust the mirrors when your vehicle is moving. This could result in the loss of control of your vehicle, serious personal injury or death.

Lincoln Aviator. Exterior Mirrors

  1. Power-folding mirror control.
  2. Window lockout.
  3. Adjustment control.
  4. Right-hand mirror.
  5. Left-hand mirror.

Switch your vehicle on to adjust the mirrors. With the ignition in accessory mode or the engine running:

  1. Select the mirror you want to adjust. The control lights.
  2. Use the adjustment control to adjust the position of the mirror.
  3. Press the mirror control again. The control light turns off.

Fold-Away Exterior Mirrors

Push the mirror toward the door window glass. Make sure that you fully engage the mirror in its support when returning it to its original position.

Auto-Folding Exterior Mirrors

The exterior mirrors fold in toward the glass after you place the transmission into park (P), switch off the vehicle, open and close the driver side door and lock the vehicle. The exterior mirrors unfold and return to their driving position after you unlock the vehicle and open and close the driver side door.

You can switch this feature on and off through the touchscreen.

You can fold the mirrors on demand by pressing the power-folding mirror control on the door. The control lights and the mirrors fold in toward the glass. Press the control again to unfold the mirrors. The control light turns off.

Note: If you use the power-folding control to fold the mirrors on demand with the auto fold feature on, you must use the control again to unfold them.

Loose Mirror

If you manually fold your power-folding mirrors, they may not work properly even after you re-position them. You need to reset them if:

  • The mirrors vibrate when you drive.
  • The mirrors feel loose.
  • The mirrors do not stay in the folded or unfolded position.
  • One of the mirrors is not in its normal driving position.

To reset the power-fold feature, use the power-folding mirror control to fold and unfold the mirrors. You may hear a loud noise as you reset the power-folding mirrors. This sound is normal. Repeat this process as needed each time you manually fold the mirrors.

Memory Mirrors

You can save and recall the mirror positions through the memory function.

Auto-dimming Feature

The driver exterior mirror dims when the interior auto-dimming mirror turns on.

Direction Indicator Mirrors

When the vehicle is running, the forward-facing portion of the appropriate mirror housing blinks when you switch on the direction indicator.

Lincoln Welcome Mat Projection Lamp

The lamps on the bottom part of the exterior mirror lower housing light when you use your transmitter to unlock the doors or when you open a door.

    Global Opening and Closing

    You can use the remote control to open the windows with the ignition off. Note: You can enable or disable this feature in the information display or see an authorized dealer...

    Interior Mirror

    WARNING: Do not adjust the mirrors when your vehicle is moving. This could result in the loss of control of your vehicle, serious personal injury or death...

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