Lincoln Aviator 2020-2022 Service Manual / Chassis / Steering System / Steering Column / General Procedures - Steering Wheel Cover Repair

Lincoln Aviator: Steering Column / General Procedures - Steering Wheel Cover Repair


Name Specification
Motorcraft® Instant Gel Adhesive


  1. NOTE: If re-adhering leather to the front side of the steering wheel only, it will not be necessary to remove the steering wheel. Steering wheel removal is necessary only when repairing loose leather on the backside of the steering wheel.

    If necessary, remove the steering wheel.
    Refer to: Steering Wheel (211-04 Steering Column, Removal and Installation).
  1. Position the loose leather out of the way.
  1. NOTE: Avoid sanding the grooved area, if applicable.

    Sand steering wheel structure intended to be adhered.
  1. NOTE: Avoid applying adhesive in the grooved area, if applicable

    Apply the specified adhesive evenly over the wheel area to be adhered.
    Material: Motorcraft® Instant Gel Adhesive / TA-19-C (WSS-M2G401-B5)
  1. Position the loose leather back into the original position.
  1. NOTE: The adhesive should be completely set after 5 minutes. Do not pull on the repair area.

    Smooth the leather and tuck in for neat appearance.
  1. Apply pressure (for at least 30 seconds) until the leather is bonded to the wheel.
  1. If removed, install the steering wheel.
    Refer to: Steering Wheel (211-04 Steering Column, Removal and Installation).

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