Lincoln Aviator: Roof Opening Panel / Removal and Installation - Air Deflector


NOTE: Removal steps in this procedure may contain installation details.

  1. Place the roof opening panel glass in the fully OPEN position.
  1. On both sides.
    Unhook the spring.
  1. On both sides.
    Unhook the spring and remove the tension spring.
  1. On both sides.
    Slide the bow and tilt lever out of the guide rails.
  1. Starting form either of the corner and to the center push downward on the air deflector material and separate the material from the tabs. Remove the air deflector assembly.


  1. Install the air deflector assembly and start inserting the air deflector material into the fabric slot starting form the center locator to either ends.
  1. On both sides.
    Slide the bow pin first and then the tilt lever pin second into the guide rail channels.
  1. On both sides.
    Hook the rear end of the spring on to the guide rails.
  1. On both sides.
    Hook the front end of the spring on to the bow.
  1. Carry out the roof opening panel initialization.
    Refer to: Power Roof Opening Panel Initialization (501-17 Roof Opening Panel, General Procedures).

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