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Lincoln Aviator. Charge Settings The Charge Settings information for your plug-in hybrid vehicle is available through the Home screen or under Vehicle Settings. To Improve your charging experience, your vehicle has the following convenience features.

Charge Times

Once you set up Charge Times for a specific charging location, your vehicle prioritizes charging based on your preferred time settings. You can set two preferred charging time windows for weekdays and two for weekends. This feature allows you to take advantage of electric utility rate plans that offer lower pricing during certain times of day. Contact your utility company to see what plans are available.

Note: You can also set up and use these features using the Lincoln Way app.

Departure Times

Setting Departure Times allows you to control charging schedules and have the vehicle cabin heated or cooled while plugged in, so your vehicle is ready to drive when you are. By setting a departure time your vehicle can use your charge time settings to minimize your electricity costs but still prioritize finishing charging before your scheduled departure. A calendar view allows you to program two departure times per day for each day of the week.

Note: You can also set up and use these features using the Lincoln Way app.

Charge Settings Screen

Lincoln Aviator. Charge Settings

  1. Charging status.
  2. Charging time information.
  3. High voltage battery state of charge.
  4. Plug and charging status.

Charging Status

Displays the present state of the charging system.

Lincoln Aviator. Charge Settings

Lincoln Aviator. Charge Settings

Charging Time Information

Displays estimates of how long your vehicle takes to fully charge when plugged into a high or low power charger.

High power estimate: The minimum time to a 100% charge using a high power charger.

Low power estimate: The longest time to a 100% charge using a low power charger.

When charging, the start and estimated end time displays. When your vehicle is not plugged in and at a location with Charge Times enabled, the start and end times display based on known charging power.

Note: Charging durations and end times are only estimates. Certain conditions may result in longer charging times.

High Voltage Battery State of Charge

Displays the remaining charge percentage with 100% representing the total amount of energy you can get from an external charge.

Plug and Charging Status

Displays the plug and charging status icons.

Lincoln Aviator. Charge Settings Not plugged in.

Lincoln Aviator. Charge Settings Plugged in and not currently charging.

Lincoln Aviator. Charge Settings Plugged in and charging.

Lincoln Aviator. Charge Settings Plugged in and waiting to charge based on charge time settings.

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    Charge Preferences

    Touch the button to access Charge Time and Departure Time settings. Additional information and settings are displayed on the charge settings screen once Charge Time or Departure Times are set up...

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