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Lincoln Aviator: Rear Climate Control / Description and Operation - Rear Climate Control - Overview


The rear climate control system has controls selection located in the rear of the floor console and the components located in the right rear quarter panel by the D pillar. The temperature and controls breakdown for the HVAC system is as follows, first row driver, first row passenger, second row seating temperature and third row seating temperature.

The rear climate control system is standard equipment. The rear climate control system operation is determined by the settings on the FCIMB control panel selection, the FDIM, the rear non touch screen RHVAC control panel or rear touch screen RACM control panel selection.

Both the rear non touch screen RHVAC control panel or rear touch screen RACM allow rear climate operation and control. They include a power on and off selection, a fan speed control selection, temperature control selection, air distribution control selection, and a rear climate control lock.

Through a setting in the RACM the rear (third row) climate control system can be linked with the second row climate system to have simultaneous control for both rows.

The rear system air can be cooled below interior air temperature only when A/C compressor operation has been requested by the settings of the climate control assembly of the FCIMB control panel or FDIM. The rear climate control system air can be heated at any time.

    Description and Operation - Rear Climate Control - Component Location


    Description and Operation - Rear Climate Control - System Operation and Component Description

    System Operation System Diagram Item Description 1 HVAC control module 2 Rear air distribution door actuator 3 Rear temperature door actuator 4 Rear blower motor relay 5 Rear blower motor speed control 6 Rear blower motor 7 Rear air discharge temperature sensor 8 Rear temperature sensor - Second Row 9 Rear footwell air discharge temperature sensor 10 Rear temperature sensor - Third Row 11 IPC 12 GWM 13 FCIMB 14 RACM (Rear Touch screen) 15 APIM ( FDIM Touch Screen) 16 RHVAC control module (Rear Non touch screen) Network Message Charts   Module Network Input Messages - APIM Broadcast Message Originating Module Message Purpose Climate control button status HVAC control module This message contains the HVAC climate control settings for the touch screen display...

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