Lincoln Aviator: Parking Aid - Vehicles With: Parking Aid Camera / Removal and Installation - Image Processing Module B (IPMB)


  1. NOTE: If installing a new IPMB, it is necessary to upload the module configuration information to the scan tool prior to removing the module. This information must be downloaded into the new IPMB after installation.

    Using a diagnostic scan tool, begin the PMI process for the IPMB following the onscreen instructions
  1. Remove the front scuff plate trim panel.
    Refer to: Front Scuff Plate Trim Panel (501-05 Interior Trim and Ornamentation, Removal and Installation).
  1. Remove the retainers disconnect the electrical connector and remove the RH hush panel.
  1. Position the carpet for access.
  1. Separate the wiring harness guides.
  1. Remove the lower nut, loosen the upper nut and position the IPMB.
  1. Disconnect the electrical connectors and remove the IPMB.


  1. To install, reverse the removal procedure.
  1. NOTE: This step is only necessary when installing a new component.

    Using a diagnostic scan tool, complete the PMI process for the IPMB following the onscreen instructions.
  1. Carry out the 360 degree view camera alignment.
    Refer to: 360 Degree View Camera Alignment (413-13B) .

    Removal and Installation - Front Parking Aid Camera

    Removal Remove the front bumper cover. Refer to: Front Bumper Cover (501-19 Bumpers, Removal and Installation). Disconnect the front camera coaxial cable connector and the front camera washer hose...

    Removal and Installation - Rear Parking Aid Camera

    Removal Remove the reversing lamp. Refer to: Reversing Lamp (417-01 Exterior Lighting, Removal and Installation). Disconnect the rear view camera washer hose and the rear view camera electrical connector...

    Other information:

    Lincoln Aviator 2020-2024 Service Manual: General Procedures - Elevation System Check

    Check Turn the ignition ON, engine OFF. Set the parking brake. Place the gearshift in REVERSE (R) for rear parking aid sensors. Place the gearshift in DRIVE (D) for front parking aid sensors...

    Lincoln Aviator 2020-2024 Owners Manual: Intelligent Oil-Life Monitorâ„¢

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    Seatbelt Height Adjustment

    WARNING: Position the seatbelt height adjuster so that the seatbelt rests across the middle of your shoulder. Failure to adjust the seatbelt correctly could reduce its effectiveness and increase the risk of injury in a crash.

    Adjust the height of the shoulder belt so the belt rests across the middle of your shoulder. Slide the adjuster up to raise the belt. Press the button and slide it down to lower the belt.

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