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Lincoln Aviator: Blind Spot Information System / System Errors. Switching the System On and Off

System Errors

If the system detects a fault, a warning lamp illuminates and a message displays.

Switching the System On and Off

You can switch the blind spot information system with trailer tow off by not selecting a trailer the information display. In this case, the system turns off as long as a trailer is attached to your vehicle. As soon as you disconnect the trailer, the blind spot information system becomes active.

When you switch the system off, a warning lamp illuminates and the alert indicators flash twice.

Note: The system remembers the last trailer setting when you start your vehicle.

You cannot switch off the blind spot information system with trailer tow when using MyKey, but you can still change the trailer settings.

To permanently switch the system off, contact an authorized dealer.

    Blind Spot Information System with Trailer Tow (If Equipped)

    The design of the system is to aid you in detecting vehicles that could have entered the detection area zone (A). The detection area is on both sides of your vehicle and trailer, extending rearward from the exterior mirrors to the end of your trailer...

    Cross Traffic Alert

    WARNING: Do not use the cross traffic alert system as a replacement for using the interior and exterior mirrors or looking over your shoulder before reversing out of a parking space...

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    Activating Intelligent Access

    The intelligent access key must be within 3 ft (1 m) of the door or luggage compartment you intend to lock or unlock.

    At a Door

    Electronic door handles are on each door. Gently depress the switch inside the exterior door handle to unlock and open the door. An unlock symbol illuminates on the door window trim indicating your vehicle is unlocked.

    Lincoln Aviator. Activating Intelligent Access

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