Lincoln Aviator: Lane Keeping System / System Settings

The system has optional setting menus available. The system stores the last known selection for each of these settings. You do not need to readjust your settings each time you switch the system on.

Mode: This setting allows you to select which of the system features you can enable.

Lincoln Aviator. System Settings

Alert only – Provides a steering wheel vibration when the system detects an unintended lane departure.

Lincoln Aviator. System Settings

Aid only – Provides steering assistance toward the lane center when the system detects an unintended lane departure.

Lincoln Aviator. System Settings

  1. Alert.
  2. Aid.

Alert and Aid – Provides steering assistance toward the lane center.

If your vehicle continues drifting out of the lane after the lane keeping aid corrects the vehicle, the system provides a steering wheel vibration.

If your vehicle stays to one side of the lane after the lane keeping aid corrects your vehicle and then subsequently drifts out of the lane again, the system only provides an Alert at the steering wheel.

Note: The Alert and Aid diagrams illustrate general zone coverage. They do not provide exact zone parameters.

Intensity: This setting affects the intensity of the steering wheel vibration used for the Alert and Alert and Aid modes. This setting does not affect the Aid mode.

  • Low.
  • Normal.
  • High.

    Switching the System On and Off

    Note: The on or off setting is stored until it is manually changed, unless a MyKey is detected. If the system detects a MyKey, it defaults to on and the mode sets to Alert...

    System Display

    When you switch the system on, a graphic of lane markings appears in the information display. When you switch the system off, the lane marking graphics do not display...

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